wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

The cat *is* trying to kill me....

Well, since I didn't break my  neck, this sounds more out of a sitcom. There I was, with this gorgeous green jar (which I just bought today)  in hand:

as well as a pack of lightbulbs and a container. I was going down the stairs. Foolish me did not turn on the lights, so did not see cat, but suddenly I'm stepping on something 'smooshy' and it shot out from under foot and everything in my hands went flying as I was doing my best not to do a header down the stairs. So, there go the lightbulb pack of three, the container (plastic, so no big deal) and my precious 7" green glass jar made in Belgium.

I ended up on my butt on the stairs with an aching foot (oh yes, I need damage to foot like a hole in the head - Comic Con is next weekend!).  Shall tape it or ice pack I think. Meanwhile, after checking on cat (he's fine, phew phew), I go downstairs and OMG, the green jar is intact!!! I checked, held it up to light, no cracks, nada. Man, this stuff from Belgium is strong! I just picked it up at a local tag sale for the grand price of $1, but I love the green - hard to find - so once it's dried out from the washing, I'm stuffing it with, hmm, cookies. :)

And oh yeah, the liglhtbulbs - squiggly kind - seem to be okay!

Tags: critters
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