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Rundown of Stargate Atlantis Actors (October 2-7, 2010)

Here’s this week’s news, and I know I’ve forgotten something, so feel free to add anything else to Comments below. Thanks!

He’s back home.

@JoeFlanigan  After 2 months, now 5minutes from home. Preparing for full frontal attack from boys and dogs. Will use my lessons from "When Bear Attack".

10/07: @JoeFlanigan Truman turns 8 today. Negotiating gift package harder than Middle East peace talks. Thankgod I got rid of this RPG's in the garage.

Joe Flanigan will be at the November 5-7th Creation Convention (http://www.creationent.com/cal/sgbur.htm)

Meanwhile, Joe’s charity auction (along with David Hewlett) to benefit his friend Sarah Geary, is still going strong at http://www.charitybuzz.com/search?keywords=joe+flanigan



: David’s DARKLIGHT airs on SyFy at midnight tonight.

Via twitter, we've learned that David is filming two (2) episodes of CW’s “Hellcats”  which is a cheerleading show. Ben Browder had actually worked on pilot but wasn’t able to do the series. I’ll watch it for David but that’s it!

@dhewlett : Time for Hellcats wardrobe. The echo is tuned up, gassed up and ready to roll, with the raw power of 1 and a half electric sewing machines!

and he's aging quickly ;) 10/06
@dhewlett : My son Baz turns 3 years old tomorrow...I've aged 10


rachel_luttrell: Tweeted “Look for my CD in early 2011. I am thinking a Valentines Day release!”

This is Rachel Luttrell’s official Facebook:


appeared on ABC’s “The Whole Truth” on October 6th. This episode was switched on that very day
http://www.thefutoncritic.com/listings/20100928abc01/ so there was no real advance notice. You can find a photo of Torri in this episode at http://community.livejournal.com/sg1_solutions/260219.html  and you can watch it at http://www.hulu.com/watch/183596/the-whole-truth-judicial-discretion and/or http://abc.go.com/watch/the-whole-truth/SH5580169/VD5590266/judicial-discretion I was really hoping for a much bigger appearance. Darn.


There are some new convention shots of Jason, as well as Paul McGillion, at Dragoncon at http://wormholeriders.com/blog/?p=18604


Nothing new on Kavan, but time creeping closer to his “Growing the Big One” (Hallmark, 10/23) and “Red” (SyFy, 10/30). He also has an unofficial fan site worth checking out http://www.kavansmithfans.com/




excerpt from: Voodoo at VIFF

Director Mark Ratzlaff returns to VIFF this year with an imaginative short film Voodoo. It will screen as part of the short series Mood Swing

: Where did you have the most fun?

MR: It was really fun because the main characters are played by David Nykl, who 's from Stargate Atlantis, and Camille Sullivan who's done Intelligence and Shattered.

I really loved their work and I was a little intimidated to come on set with all these veterans of Vancouver film and TV but they were really amazing. Nobody had an ego: they were just as involved  in having as much fun in the Indy vibe as the rest of us.

It was a lot of fun just getting to play. There was a bit of improvisation at times. I'm always open and want to hear what the actors have in mind for their characters. It was a lot of fun because we had a few locations, one per day, so we could really play around in the scenes and have some fun.

We had one day where we got some scenes of one of the characters who is supposed to be in World War II, and we got to do some explosions, which was cool. I think they ended up being bigger than we expected. We only had two tries so we couldn't stop rolling. I remember the first one going off and everybody was getting showered with dirt but we had to keep rolling because we didn't have the money for another one.


@ProvostPix : Another interview with David Nykl from VCON: this time on Shaw TV's The Express. Catch us on Channel 4 today at... http://fb.me/GVZhpqae

You can listen to a new interview with David Nykl at http://scifidinerpodcast.com/2010/10/ep79/ discussing Beast of Bottomless Lake and more.

And more on Beast of Bottomless Lake
http://filmstewdotcom.blogspot.com/2010/10/beast-thats-all-wet.html which discusses the film, Vcon and David Nykl’s #1 fan ;)

http://mercury973.livejournal.com/232002.html saw David Nykl at Vcon and promises a report and photos.

The official blog at http://ogopogomovie.blogspot.com/2010/10/where-wild-fans-are.html has a post entitled “Where the wild fans are”, talking all about Vcon


Wanted 10,000 followers, and made that amount and some more, at her twitter at http://twitter.com/#!/katehewlett


He t
weeted last week about a guest role on the drama “The Listener and added yesterday “They set up an amazing train set at the studio today. http://yfrog.com/jkjzjrj” and 10/04 “Forgot to post this great shot of Craig O from set of #thelistener - RsF http://yfrog.com/49sd6ij


From her twitter: My interview is up in @Scenetoday magazine, with my pal AJ Buckley! Be warned: this is me at my most serious-est. http://bit.ly/8Xknbw


scheduled to film a 3-D, live action martial arts film at beginning of November, according to his twitter.




10/13 – Supernatural, “99 Problems,” on TNT, 10:00am
10/13 – Megasnake, on Chiller Channel, 8:00pm and again 10/14 at 12:00am, 10/21 on SyFy at 11:00am

You can follow his official website twitter of
@MichaelShanks for news.

New photo of Michael on the set of The Good Guys now up... courtesy of Michael! but meanwhile…. Another update from Michael, this time he has sent a photo of himself in full costume on the set of The Good Guys.

"Just completed an episode of a Canadian series called EndGame. I play a character named Casey Roman who wakes up on a street with amnesia, and slowly pieces his life back together with the help of the lead character. He finds out he may have been a real asshole. The episode is called "The Caffeine Hit." I did it because Anne Wheeler [who directed Michael in Living Out Loud and Suddenly Naked] was directing and offered me the role. Good cast and script."

Visit http://www.michaelshanks-online.com/news/index.shtml for full info

He will also be at the November 5-7th Creation Convention (http://www.creationent.com/cal/sgbur.htm)



From twitter (10/4/10)
Q) @marteney21 any inside info on Stargate: Extinction you can share? A) Nope. It's all in MGM's hands at this point.

Well, nothing concrete, but large article on MGM’s woes and possible bankruptcy, reorganization, etc. etc. at  Los Angeles Times -
http://lat.ms/a3zdw8 - Looks like a merger of some sort with Spyglass.



Author Jo Graham is giving tidbits on the “Homecoming” novel at
http://jo-graham.livejournal.com/84465.html  Definitely worth checking out!


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