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Ah, sigh

If only this were a Halloween contact lens. Alas, it is not. Poor pooch...


Came home from work yesterday and family member spotted a glint in the dog's eye. Once we shone a light into eye, we saw it was blood red. An intraocular hemorrhage. ARGH!!! He'd bumped smack into my brother's knee, so we were worried about eye trauma. Luckily there is a 24-hour emergency vet clinic (the kind that depletes your checking account).

So we went down, got into the triage pattern as for some unfathomable reason, everybody was bringing in their pets for some problem or another. They examined the poor dog and could not find any sign of trauma, but nor did they find any scratches on the eye. They also could not see into the eye to see what was going on - this may eventually require an ultrasound. So we ended up with drops and sent home, with recommendation to see vet today.

Which we did. I dropped him off in the morning, visited him at lunch and finally got him back at end of day. For a while there I was worried he might be kept overnight, which would mean something awful.

Alas, the blood in eye does not seem to be trauma. It may be the result of his newly discovered high blood pressure (I had no idea dogs could get that, but they can) or, it might be result of infection from wretched tick-borne (die! ticks! die!) anaplasmosis (http://www.critterology.com/canine_anaplasmosis-203.html) which he'd gotten a couple months ago, which either did not get eradicated by month-long treatment, or was re-infected by another tick (and oh yes, in the gruesome department, we found a horrid black patch under his collar of white fur and a dead-as-a-doornail petrified tick embedded in his neck). Fortunately the was the fur was shaved off it all looked okay.

But, after spending $$$ (wow, I could have bought a laptop, seriously, whine) he's on antibiotics, antibiotic eyedrops, anti-nauseau meds and blood pressure medicine, and back to stricter diets and times so I have to wake up early every day no matter what, and stay up till certain times no matter what.

We have no idea if the bleeding in his eye will resolve. Right now he's effectively blind in that one eye, but it doesn't seem to bother him, but it will impinge his lifestlye (aka he can no longer sit outside for hours at a time watching the scenery because, well, he'll never see the coyote that could sneak up on him). The good thing is that the vet says his retina is still receptive (she did a test). He also has to go back in a week for more tests as there were protein concerns with his kidneys. 

Fingers are crossed he'll pull through this okay and get his vision, or at least some of the vision, back in his eyes, and that the high blood pressure can be managed.




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