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DAVID HEWLETT: Blog update re A Dog's Breakfast

David Hewlett's updated his blog again :)

A Dog's Breakfast

How does a micro-budget movie get major Hollywood attention and spawn a spin-off television development deal, before it’s even had its first public screening? 

With an eight dollar a month website, a few YouTube clips and "a few hundred bleary eyed nights" in front of his PowerBook, writer/director/actor David Hewlett has taken a core group of Stargate fans and forged them into a publicity force to be reckoned with. "People used to joke that on the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog", says Hewlett, "thanks to "A Dog’s Breakfast”, on the Internet, everyone knows our dog!" Hewlett is laughing all the way into season four of Stargate Atlantis, where he plays geek-cult favorite Doctor Rodney Mckay. 

Click on link above for the full PR!

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