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More on Joe Flanigan's CHANGE OF PLANS tv movie

There are now screencaps up of Joe Flanigan from the CHANGE OF PLANS trailer that hit YouTube the other day, but went private REAL fast. Check out www.jfjsthunksisters.org/change-of-plans-t90-50.html  for the caps (thanks to @jaluch on twitter for tip) and... the video appears up elsewhere:

@flanInfo: [VID] Change of Plan trailer / LtCdrflygirl from the 9thchevron site managed to download it before it got private bit.ly/dQvsWg

It's quite short and Joe is seen here and there, and apparently, driving a minivan (gasp!) Guess all that flying the puddlejumper has prepared him for, er, minivans ;)

I'm sure the trailer will go live on the movie's website as it gets closer. Little do they know how tenacious fans can be ;)


Press release at

Other news at
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