wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

New Year's Resolutions and all that...

Let's see, I thought about it while driving home from work yesterday, and my first resolution was

1) Cross the time-space barrier/alternate universe barrier/whatever and go to the Star Trek universe, procure myself a phaser, mount it on the car and then zap into another dimension (or ashes) all the idiots who insist on talking on cellphones while driving which means they don't look when they duck into my lane (where, hey, I'm driving!) and/or

2) Win the $249 million Mega Millions lotto

Neither worked out. Mega Millions is nearly $300 million, which means I am cracking open the piggy bank and buying another ticket! If I win that kind of money, I'll, um, think first thing I'll due is actually scream and freak out the cat.

but alas, option #1 is too much work, and if I could do THAT, that would mean crossing any time-continuum doohickey barrier and I'd go visit John Sheppard's quarters on Atlantis instead ;) *cough cough*

But I did try the collard greens/black eyed pea good luck thing, although did black beans instead as I couldn't find black-eyed peas. And they said you should eat something round for luck, so...

cherry pie

Yes, made a cherry pie. Okay, should have sealed the edges so it bled out gorily all over the place, but it looked good. Tasted good too! :)

But realistically, my resolutions include:

1) cleaning up the photos on my PC. They're ALL over the place, and I need to get them in order so the cute animal photos are not mixed in with pictures of David Hewlett, and vice versa ;)
2) eventually get my Christmas cards for 2010 out. Since 2010 sorta sucked, especially the last quarter, they fell by the way side.
3) organize finances. I am mostly organized, but need to go back through a couple years of charge receipts to sort. after reading articles on the BPA in the stuff, me thinks I'll be wearing surgical gloves when I do that!
4) not let email fester. yeah, I read it and go 'answer it later' and forget, so if you emailed me, sent me a LJ message or comment, or something you did want an answer to... um, just resend.
5) clean up email. I did some of that this morning, shoving lots of mailing list emails into folders so now I only have 300 emails, instead of 600! well, on that one account.
6) go through my email lists (yahoo) and delete those that just aren't active anymore
7) do SOMETHING about the car. chopsticks and duct tape can only hold it together so long... I'm dithering between "I want a NEW car that will last 20 years" to "maybe I should be certified pre-owned cuz of changes in technology". whatever, it's gotta have good gas mileage, four doors, cup holders and a CD player. Ohyeah, and the A pipe needs replaced. Gah!
8) keep more on top of the kitty litter box (aieee, how a small 8 pound cat can let loose such a stink is beyond me, but if I could bottle that stench, I could make money, I just know it!)
9) get rid of stuff.  yeah, gotta eBay stuff
10 take Christmas decorations down before Spring arrives ;)

And that's it. Nothing too fancy, nothing life-changing (except the car, if I do buy one)  and oh yeah, make some Christmas cookies. I bought the Trader Joe's cookie decorating kit, so should use it and since I had success with making a pie, how hard could cookies be?
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