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Enough already! We've reached our limit of snow, thank you

Well, the storm (monster storm, major storm, etc. etc. depending on which news channel you watched) started around 10:00 p.m. last night and ended around noon today, leaving us a minimum of 15 inches on some spots on the driveway, but mostly 18", except at the top, which was 21" and the bottom, where the town snowplow came by, 23" (of packed snow, aieee).

Snow covered car, Jan 12, 2011
I looked out garage window to discover the cars were basically buried under snow. Ack!!

Cross section of snow on car
Here's an example of how much snow was on top of the car, and that was not the deepest snow!

So, spent all day shoveling snow on driveway, and digging out patio, and wondering, where are we going to put all this snow? I mean, it's getting deep! Our driveway is turning into a fortress with snow walls on either side.

Meanwhile, I was standing at the bottom of the driveway, staring morosely at the 21/23" of snow that was there from snow but mostly from town snowplow, when the snowplow came by again, luckily not fast. More snow. I just went "ack" and bowed head into top of shovel. This would take 30-45 minutes to shovel. A couple minutes later, the snowplow came back, then slowed down, lifted blade, drove up sideways at the base of the drive, and scraped back a huge chunk of snow, then pushed it off to the other side. THANK YOU! I guess I must have looked pretty pitiful standing there with shovel so he did me that little favor, which took less than a minute but saved me sooooo much time.

Now if only all the snow from day after Christmas had melted, but it hadn't so it's just piled high and deep everywhere, but I hear it's worse upstate, with 28" in some folks, and Boston, well, blizzard predicted with 1-2 feet.

I want to win Powerball and go to Tahiti....
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