wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

Ice, we've got ice

Actually, the entire yard, everything was slicked with frozen ice today, but not horrifically. Meanwhile, we got some pretty big icicles on the house, which i snapped off and made a decoration in the snow with...

They were like three feet or so.

And if you want to see how much snow we got, see below.

Stargate Atlantis action figures in teh snow
Yes, you can figure out the height if you can figure out how big Sheppard and McKay from Stargate Atlantis are! ;) And this is NOT the biggest pile. There's more on the other side of driveway which is about six inches more...

And alas, it's been so friggin cold every night, down to the single digits, and alas, I found this poor little guy stiff as a board when I came outside. I buried him in the snow.

R.I.P. blue jay

Blue jays are such beautiful birds. I could find no damage on him, so assume it was the cold that got the poor thing.

I'm hoping the snow and ice go away. I'm sooooo tired of it! And more predicted for Friday.
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