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David Hewlett - Morlocks and Monkeys

First, big thanks to http://community.livejournal.com/hewlett_daily/394140.html for posting the information, which came via another fan over at Gateworld.

Yes, David Hewlett has spiffed up for Morlocks: The Time Machine. Okay, he's in fatigues. Somehow, I keep thinking, there should be some other guy there with spiky hair, standing next to him.

Okay, David's got the spiky hair thing going but it's not the same, but heh, this is a SyFy type movie so we know it's gonna be awful, but... we're going to watch it cuz David is in it! :)

I actually checked their "recent films" on the UFO site and they've got some drecky sounding horror/scifi flicks in production, and I can only hope some Stargate Atlantis folk may appear in some ;)  And under their library section (http://www.ufofilm.com/?show=films&type=library) is Yeren, the name for David Hewlett's "evil snow monkey film". In looking at the library, we can now see where SyFy gets a lot of their, um, *cough*, gems ;) Hmm noticed some of the 'recent films' have video clips. We can hope we'll get clips soon from David's films...

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