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Joe Flanigan's SyFy movie set to air April 9th & Rachel Luttrell's video is out


On the news front….


@SyFyMovies said that Joe Flanigan’s THE OTHER SIDE, also known as ALIEN ABYSS, now retitled FEROCIOUS PLANET, will air on SyFy on April 9th. Not too keen on the title, but at least it doesn’t have “Mega”or “roid” in the title ;) I mean, hey, it's a SyFy movie so it's going to be cheesy, with a high body count, no scientific logic, but if it's got Sheppard, er, Joe Flanigan, I'm there. I mean, geez, I watched Kavan Smith and Paul McGillion in the not very sciency IRON INVADER (sorta of IRON GIANT gone all bad) and if I can get through that.... ;)


And, Rachel Luttrell’s music video is up at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gMG_NYdBlfk. She's got a lovely voice. and I want the CD when it's out as I haven't done iTunes yet. Yes, I'm still in the dark ages.


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