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It's alive!!

Yes, my life is so exciting I'm videotaping the bluebbery pie that's fresh out of the oven. However, the bubbling, and squeaking noises, are amusing. Okay, maybe just to me, but I'm waitin for it to cool down so I can eat it! :)

Otherwise, today I got robbed. Bought gas. $3.579 a gallon!!! for the cheap stuff! However, I drove by another gas station and it was $3.759 for the cheap stuff. It's insane. Gas is gonna be over $4 if not more by Memorial Day, which will make our annual MediaWest*Con drive rather pricey, and if you attend MW*C, the sign-up phase is now going on. More details at http://blog.mediawestcon.org/

Also, I've discovered the joys of audiobooks (okay, I'm a bit behind). I went through the cassette audiobooks I got at the summer library sales - got a Tony Hillerman novel and a Robin Cook one (that's because my car is so old it has a cassette player). It really  makes the daily commute better. However, got my hands on the doohickie connectors so I can now connect my CD players to the cassette player and listen to the books on CD, of which there are LOTS more in the library. I'm working my way through thrillers. Just finished Kyle Mills' Darkness Falls, about ecoterrorists of sorts destroying the oil fields. I listened to that as I watched gasoline go up over a dime in one week. ACK! I've determined, despite length, that unabridged is far better than abridged (listened to one abridged one done by Stephen Collins - about a killer shark - and it was like listening to a SyFy film) ;)  Right now I'm going through the library stock, as well, it's free, although if anybody  has recommendations for good thrillers/horror/scifi. There's still a few more Robin Cooks and Tony Hillermans to go through at my library.

The snow is melting. A day or so of rain, plus no snowstorms and some higher temps, helped immensely. The driveway is now basically snow free. The lawn is not. The bluejay I buried in the snow has yet to resurface. Sorta hoping something digs it up as frozen food soon. I had to clear all the ice/snow/bird seed under bird feeder as it turned into a hideous mess, and oh yea, they found the pumpkin! I had put it there by the birdfeeder, hoping squirrels would eat it, but it got buried under snow. Then, the squirrels found it and hollowed it out. Here's the pumpkin pothole picture:

pumpkin pothole
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