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Joe Flanigan news: new interview and new convention

First, there's a nifty little article with a photo on Joe Flanigan at http://pmc-mag.com/2011/03/joe-flanigan/. Here's the photo at the site, but it's a smaller version, cuz I'm making folks go to site so they can get the hits :) Meanwhile, there's also a little interview in the side column and here's a quote: "10: Who is your biggest hero?  My mother and my late father. They loved each other like teenagers to the end. And more importantly, they knew how to have fun."

Next, unless I win powerball, lotto, publishers clearinghouse, etc. I'm not attending, but Joe Flanigan has signed up for Dragoncon down in Atlanta, GA. It will run September 2-5, 2011. Here's the guest page listing - http://www.dragoncon.org/dc_guests_list.php. Ah, I'd love to do that con.... Oh man, and they have Joel Gretsch too....
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