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Joe Flanigan's 'Ferocious Planet' coming out on DVD

Wow, the movie isn't even out on SyFy yet and it's already up for pre-order on Amazon.  Yes, Joe Flanigan's FEROCIOUS PLANET (aka THE OTHER SIDE) will be out for $17.99 on June 7th at Amazon. Here's a short link direct to the site. http://amzn.to/ferociousplanet. I'd put up a photo but as usual with any SyFy production, they show the monster flat out on the DVD cover. So, if you don't mind seeing JOe Flanigan's character running for his life pursued by said monster, click away. (thx to @flaninfo)

And, Joe's CHANGE OF PLANS is available for pre-order for $11.96 from Walmart at http://www.walmart.com/ip/15778093. It's out on March 22nd. Ooh, Tuesday. Must make sure I just drop by Walmart and grab one!

update: Apparently CHANGE OF PLANS will come out on 3/26 instead of 3/22 - hmm, a change of plans, I see - hey, bad puns allowed here! ;)  And oh well, bummer. Walmart's site does now say "not sold in stores." Crap, now I gotta mail order. Last time I mail ordered a DVD from Walmart it took forever to get... ** FACEPALM ** No, the release date is now April 26th. Wow, that's another month to go. Darn...
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