wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

Newer trailer for Joe Flanigan's SyFy flick "Ferocious Planet"

And a longer, obviously  much better quality, teaser video for Joe Flanigan's Ferocious Planet flick, which will be airing on SyFy at 9pm on April 9th (Yeah, like any Flanfan doesn't have it on their calendar, post-its on the TV, etc.) ;)

CORRECTION. Well, crap, as Sheppard would say, the embed link just doens't want to work, so here is the direct link to the trailer at the SyFy site:


For those on twitter, I made a Ferocious Planet list following cast/crew of the movie and it's at http://twitter.com/#!/list/wraithfodder/syfy-ferociousplanet - sorta hope Joe Flanigan pops out of his twitter-exile when the movie airs.

Tags: ferocious planet, joe flanigan
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