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Stargate Atlantis Actor News (summary of news)

It’s just days away (8) till Joe’s SyFy flick Ferocious Planet (aka The Other Side) airs at 9pm on SyFy. You can watch the latest teaser ad at
http://video.syfy.com/movies_events/syfy_saturday/promos_trailers_8/ferocious-planet--syfy-original-movie/v1316616 And heck, you can even pre-order this gem of a movie at Amazon.com at http://amzn.to/ferociousplanet for $17.99. It will be released June 7th. Fans are hoping he might resurface on twitter when the movie airs next Saturday.

Good Day for It, the drama he made last summer, is coming out on DVD, but only in Australia (note: those DVDs not playable in Region 1 (USA) players). http://www.borders.com.au/video/good-day-for-it/24309881/  has details and the
Synopsis: A man forced to abandon his wife and daughter years earlier must risk his life to settle an old score and reunite his family. Forced to leave town after betraying Lyle Tyrus the ruthless leader of a rural crime gang Luke Cain has stayed away for 15 years to protect his wife and daughter from Lyle's vengeance. But his daughter Emily nurses a burning desire to see her father and Luke finally agrees to meet her at a cafe on the outskirts of town. But fate intervenes when Lyle's brother Norman and his killing crew chance by the cafe. They leave without incident but Luke knows it is just a matter of time before they report to Lyle and return to exact their revenge. Luke is forced to make a difficult and potentially life threatening decision. Should he leave his daughter behind again or wait for his worst nightmare to walk straight through the door only time will tell if today really is a Good day For It !  - It’s also at the Philadelphia Cinefest 2011 (April 7-14). Details at http://www.phillycinefest.org/film-details.cfm?id=9723

Change of Plans, the family movie he made for Fox TV along with Brooke White, is available for order at the Walmart site. Alas, it doesn’t appear to be for sale in stores, at least not yet. You can pre-order for around $12 at http://www.walmart.com/ip/15778093 . Alas, it will not be released until April 26th.

He did an online interview at http://pmc-mag.com/2011/03/joe-flanigan/ back in early March. And he’s going to be at Dragoncon (http://www.dragoncon.org/dc_guests_list.php) whereas I – unless I win powerball – am not. Boo hoo.

UPDATE!  Listen to "JOE FLANIGAN" hosted by BuzzWorthy Radio on 4/7/2011 2:30 PM  (from @BuzzWorthyRadio via tavabean )

Whether you like Stargate Universe or not, Rodney McKay is making a guest appearance on the April 4th episode at 10pm on SyFy. You can watch a preview of one of his scenes here http://www.buzzfocus.com/2011/03/30/stargate-universe-episode-2-15-preview-clip-seizure/

Here’s a photo from the episode:
David Hewlett in Stargate Universe

You can find more photos (not of DH, though) at

His theatrical film Rise of the Apes keeps bouncing around. Once to premiere in the summer, it got pushed to December, but now is back to an August 5, 2011 release.

He made another blog poster at SyFy’s website: http://blastr.com/2011/03/david-hewlett-reveals-his.php entitled “
David Hewlett: My dream project, my favorite sci-fi villain and more”. Fun reading!!

He’s also got a new tv series! Well, not really, but this is a good April Fool’s joke. http://omg-wtf-yeah.livejournal.com/35687.html

And Mars, his pet dog, will be undergoing surgery. David tweeted “
Surgery for Mars! The ACL is snapped but they're confident this will fix him. I better cast him in another movie so he can cover the costs!”

Jason said in an article on Conan the Barbarian at http://www.variety.com/article/VR1118034455 - “
"I was thinking yesterday I've always done TV and wanted to do movies," Momoa
says. "Having this as my first lead was heavy. I was stepping into some really
big shoes and working nonstop. It was exhausting and fun." Nice picture of Jason there as well.

http://www.tgdaily.com/entertainment/54629-what-kind-of-conan-do-we-need has a trailer from Conan and said “
while he may not be Patrick Stewart, Momoa does have some acting talent.”

http://blogs.indiewire.com/theplaylist/archives/2011/03/12/watch_smoky_husky_voiced_teaser_for_conan_the_barbarian/  said “
If you don't know the name Jason Momoa, you probably soon will. THR reports that movie theater industry folk are set to give the actor (a somewhat premature) CinemaCon Rising Star Award on March 31. Clearly, they think this guy has got the goods and they'll be hoping his mane of hair and big muscles will be a draw when "Conan The Barbarian" opens later this year.

http://blogs.desmoinesregister.com/dmr/index.php/2011/03/24/norwalk-native-jason-momoa-to-receive-cinemacon-rising-star-award/  reported that Norwalk native Jason Momoa was to receive the CinemaCon Rising Star award at the March 31st event in Las Vegas. Conan is due for release in August 2011.

More Conan pictures at http://www.latinoreview.com/news/scanned-images-of-conan-the-barbarian-reboot-12816

http://www.nypost.com/p/blogs/popwrap/rachel_nichols_not_father_knowledge_yOq9pqj06mtuRvKrQICMWK has interview with actress Rachel Nichols who said:
PW: Pictures of Jason Momoa as Conan make it look like he's a wall. Rachel: Yea, he's a large individual. I'm just shy of 5' 10" and I still felt dwarfed by him. My dad is 6' 6" but Jason is massive – which was nice because you could go anywhere with him and no one would screw with you, which is helpful since we were filming in Bulgaria [laughs]

You can find a trailer for HBO’s Game of Thrones at http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/blogs/live-feed/watch-an-extended-game-thrones-162531.  He’s at the 1.17 minute mark.

http://www.latinoreview.com/news/jason-momoa-confident-about-conan-the-barabarian-sequel-13099 reports that Jason is confident of a Conan sequel. Check the article.

Jason is interviewed at Cinema Con regarding “Battle of the Superheroes” at http://omg.yahoo.com/videos/battle-of-the-superheroes-at-cinemacon/13595?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter (
On closing night of CinemaCon, Chris Hemsworth, Jason Momoa and Ryan Reynolds reveal who they think would win a fight between the superheroes they play - Thor, Conan the Barbarian and Green Lantern. Or could Russell Brand's Arthur beat them all? (April 1)

Rachel’s music video is up at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gMG_NYdBlfk. Her last blog entry is February 14th at http://www.rachelluttrell.com/note.asp

Torri Higginson's official site will be online soon. In the meantime, you can follow at @higginsoninfo on twitter and torrihigginson.net/blog

Torri was interviewed at the ScifiGuys. You can download her interview (season 4, #19) at http://www.dtrn.co.uk/downloads.htm

Joins other Stargate Atlantis cast members (Joe Flanigan, Kavan Smith, David Hewlett) at Creation Con’s August Stargate convention, which will be held August 19-21, 2011 in the windy city. http://www.creationent.com/cal/sgchi.htm has further guest list and the pricey tickets listed.

http://www.examiner.com/alcatraz-in-san-francisco/alcatraz-cast-updates -
The all-star cast of J.J. Abrams upcoming sci-fi drama has gotten bigger. Scottish actor Paul McGillion, best known as Dr. Carson Beckett on Stargate: Atlantis, also has a speaking role in the Alcatraz pilot. Extras were cast as tourists, cops, prisoners, and park rangers. Filming is underway in San Francisco and on Alcatraz.  Alcatraz debuts this fall on FOX.

http://communities.canada.com/theprovince/blogs/reelman/archive/2011/03/25/monster-broadcast-deal.aspx Lucky Canadians!!
The Kelowna-filmed indie comedy The Beast of Bottomless Lake, has been sold to SuperChannel and will start airing across Canada April 6.
The movie follows cryptozoologist Paul Moran (David Nykl) and a team of comic adventurers on an expedition to Okanagan Lake to prove the existence of the legendary lake serpent, the Ogopogo.
A labour of love eight years in the making, the movie was originally conceived by author Keith Provost, who was a prominent actor in the Kelowna theatre scene in his youth, and went on to a career in Vancouver as a writer and actor in film and TV. In 2001, Provost died suddenly after a tragic bicycle accident. After his death, his friends carried his idea to fruition in his memory.
http://hypercaz.livejournal.com/479826.html that David is attending Supernova in June.

Update: there is a 'new' interview out with Kavan Smith from the Sci Fi and TV Talk blog. It can be found here: http://scifiandtvtalk.typepad.com/scifiandtvtalk/2011/03/eurekas-kavan-smith-robo-cop.html  (Thanks to mackenziesmomma for the tip) 

http://www.tvsquad.com/2011/02/07/craig-olejnik-listener-season-2-interview/ had an interview with a LISTENER cast member…
I understand that you have two new cast members. What has it been like working with Lauren and Tara? A: And Rainbow! So we have three. Rainbow Sun Francks, who was a MuchMusic VJ back in the day -– even I remember him from that. It's pretty cool having fresh blood.

http://www.tv-eh.com/2011/01/27/the-listener-returns-to-ctv-on-february-8/ -
Listen Here: Season 2 of the Mind-bending Original Series THE LISTENER Returns - Feb. 8 on CTV. Rest of PR at link above.

Posted a blog entry over at SyFy as well.
Jewel Staite: What Nathan Fillion stole from the set of Firefly - http://blastr.com/2011/03/jewel-staite-what-nathan.php

Is going to be at some cons: @JewelStaite: So June's gonna be midwest month for me... 10-12th in Omaha www.contagionoutbreak.com/ and Tulsa 24-26th! www.trekexpo.net/

Kate’s pilot, Fancy, aired on the CBC on March 28th. Toronto’s Globe & Mail said “
Fancy (CBC, 9:30 p.m.) is the pilot for a comedy show that CBC isn’t turning into a series. So it’s your only chance to see it, and see what CBC rejected. It’s a lot of fun, rather sweet and gently goofy-funny. Like much of TV comedy, it’s about a single lady looking for love. Created by Wendy Hopkins, it stars Kate Hewlett, who is just great as Maureen, the host of a TV show for tots. To the kids she’s the queen of everything, but in reality she’s messed up and neurotic but nice. Jana Peck is her wisecracking cop-friend sidekick and Patrick McKenna is her oddball work sidekick. Actually, it’s all adorable. Give it a look.

And apparently it’s online! @
katehewlett: For those of you who haven't had a chance to see the pilot: vimeo.com/user1643424/fancy-the-tv-show

Alas, Kate’s kitty Rufus passed away yesterday @katehewlett: Bye bye, Rufus. (My not-so-little cat died this morning. I think he had more twitter followers than I do, so I wanted to let you know.)

BEN COTTON (aka Kavanagh)
Will star in Battlestar: Blood & Chrome, which takes place in the 10th year of the first Cylon war. This series will air on SyFy. More details at http://www.daemonstv.com/2011/03/31/syfy-announces-new-original-2011-2012-tv-programming-slate/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+daemonstv+%28Daemon%27s+TV%29



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