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David Hewlett talks about SGu and the future of the Stargate franchise



Q: One more 'Stargate' question: McKay is a fan favorite. Why do you think fans connect with him so well?

A: I can't speak for the fans, but I can speak for me ... I think if I wasn't working on these shows I would be a fan of this stuff. I grew up watching 'Doctor Who' and buying all the books and the dolls and that kind of stuff. I love that stuff, so I feel like I'm paid to do what I would be paying to do! But for McKay, I always feel like there's a little bit of McKay in everybody. Everybody wants to be the guy who has the answers and who isn't afraid to admit that he's a genius, social niceties be damned! I mean I love science fiction because it takes me out of this world. And with McKay, he's the scientist who has spent his entire life reading about this stuff and now he's getting to live it. In a way that's what all of us want. We've done the reading, we've done the research, we've done the dreaming, and we want to be McKay -- we want to be the guy who saves the day because we know all this stuff. We want all this nerd-dom to pay off. And McKay is the resulting image, he's th
e iconic figure of the nerd who's done his homework and now he gets to go off and save the universe.


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