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Joe Flanigan's "Ferocious Planet" reviewed (and it's a good review!)


or http://bit.ly/dTvyfJ

excerpt of FEROCIOUS PLANET review from Dreadcentral.com. Darn, they spelled Joe Flanigan wrong. Must correct them ;)

....But, every once in a while a Syfy Original comes along that’s actually well written, well crafted, and it gives you hope that, perhaps, more such films will follow, which is why we keep watching.

Ferocious Planet is one of those films.

Written by Douglas (Carny) Davis and directed by Billy (Isolation) O’Brien, pic starts off as many Syfy films do – in a secret government lab where major achievements of modern science are about to go horribly wrong.

Dr. Jillian O’Hara (Dagmar Doring) has been doing ground breaking research in the area of hyper-dimensional physics and the discovery of alternate universes, but in order to continue receiving the funding she needs to continue her work, she has to convince surly U.S. Senator Jackson Crenshaw (John Rhys Davies) that her research has significant value and should be spared the chopping block.

Overseeing security during the demonstration is Colonel Sam Synn (played by Joe Flannigan of Syfy’s Stargate: Atlantis and Warehouse 13). Synn’s a burned out soldier with a checkered past and all he wants to do is get through this babysitting gig so he can get busy with retirement and spend the rest of his days on his boat.


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