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And another great review of Joe Flanigan's Ferocious Planet flick

SyFy has actually made a movie which is getting good reviews?!

B-movie staple John Rhys-Davies briefly brings his British (um... southern) accent and holier than thou attitude to Ferocious Planet as an American Senator with an interest in otherworld dimensions in Saturday's Syfy classic-in-the-making.  Sharing the screen as the reluctant, ornery and hotter than hell hero is Joe Flanigan. It's sure good to see him back in the realm of science fiction, where he fits so gloriously well.


Most of all, I like Joe Flanigan and watching him in action just proves he needs to be helming his own series again. Syfy, please take note.  To experience the thrills of another dimension, tune into Syfy this Saturday at 9:00 pm Eastern. You won't be sorry!


Well, finally, a reviewer who knows quality ;) though am quibbling if it should be hotter-than-hell or just hotter than hell Joe Flanigan ;)  The review does have a few teensy spoilers, but I figure the relevant Joe Flanigan mentions are enough to post here :)

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