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Joe Flanigan back on twitter, and talks about the Stargate Franchise on Blogtalkradio

For those following him, Joe Flanigan is back on twitter (@joeflanigan)

His radio interview today is now online at BlogtalkRadio at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/buzzworthyradio/2011/04/07/joe-flanigan

Starts at approximately the 5.32 mark, ends at 14.50. Tidbits include:

Says his character in Ferocious Planet did something wrong, but patriotic, so got stuck in the position he's in in the movie. and that his character is woefully underarmed. He then talked about working on Sisters, where he was "the guy," and how George Clooney had guest starred on it.

Next came questions about a Stargate Atlantis reunion type of 'thing,' to which Joe replied "I think the rumors have been all over the place. Unfortunately there's not going to be any Stargate in the near future. That doesn’t mean it won’t be in the future, but I don't think anybody will be seeing any Stargate-related anything for at least another year. The franchise has been effectively kind of shut down. Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis were cancelled and they spun off a series simultaneously they called Universe that unfortunately was not embraced by the audience, and that kind of sank the ship for a little while. We're going to have to resurrect that ship somehow." Joe then said the interviewer could watch the entire series (about 100 hours) and Joe would call back the next day to question him on it.

The interviewer asked about the movie Spore.  "Spore? Oh, Spore. Yes, well, right now we just have a script – a guy  named David Burns out of London, and we are supposed to go into production in Spring... on Spore. I love saying that one." The interviewer then told Joe it was Spring, but right now he's freezing on snow-covered streets in Aspen, so he figures he should call about that one. "Maybe I'm late for work."

He then made his first tweet in nearly half a year.

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