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More Ferocious Planet pictures from TKL7 on Twitter

If you don't know, @TKL7 on Twitter worked on the SyFy flick "Ferocious Planet" as the wardrobe supervisor and has put up a number of shots of Joe Flanigan and the rest of the cast at her twitter account (via twitpic). Here's the really cute one.

the boys on TwitpicYeah, it's a small shot, but that makes you visit the site and up the clicks so TKL7 knows, hey, we DO want more shots of Joe, et al! :) Plus, if you go to the link and click in upper right corner of photo, you can make it a LOT bigger.

Here's the list:

(photo above) Joe Flanigan (@Joeflanigan), Yare Jegbefume (@Topmanyare) Chris Newman (@Chrissymacc), all smile for the camera. Awww.... apparently some folks don't realize they're redshirts very early on in the script ;)

Joe, the rebar red-shirt guy, and the lady scientist

Joe, praying for a Stargate Atlantis movie (well, we could always hope) and John Rhys-Davis. Blink, and you miss JRD in this film ;)

Rob Soohan (@robsoohan), geeky scientist in the flick, and Joe, in the woods

Yare and Joe discuss the next scene. Oh oh, a tree, that doesn't bode well for one character.

Director? and Joe Flanigan. "Wait, you mean I don't need to be a Goa'uld in this movie? Darn, someone remove my red eye!"
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