wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

Sunflowers, and my arch-nemesis

Here are some shots of the one (1) sunflower that popped up in my garden. All the ones I planted? Nada, zilch, but this sucker grew up on its own. I figured I should take a picture before some wild animal destroys it (more on that later).

And here is a video of my arch-nemesis, the chipmunk. I suppose it doesn't help I feed the critter sunflower seeds... I suspect our house will collapse into a massive sinkhole one day, and billions of chipmunks will pour out. Yeah, they're EVERYWHERE. A couple years ago one chewed the bottom of my remaining sunflower plant - TIMBER - and then ate just a tiny piece out of it. Grrr...

Tags: critters, video
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