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I realized I've probably seen more movies this summer, than I have in the last three years (in the theater, that is)...

Super 8 - attracted by Kyle Chandler and the retro plot. It worked well. Nothing too deep, but it was fun.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, part 2 - since I missed part 1 in the theaters, I had to borrow friend's DVD so I could remember the plot. So watched that on a SAturday, and saw part 2 on a Sunday. The HP series is great. I remember when the books first came out I was like, 'eh, no thanks' but then my friends ranted on about them and I figured, hmm, I should just check it out and got hooked.

Cowboys & Aliens - basically, that's it. Cowboys vs. aliens. Nothing at all deep but whoa, Daniel Craig can rustle my cows any time. Woof! It was sorta like the old Gary Cooper movies (the ending).

Transformers: Dark of the Moon - total mindless drivel. However, both my friend and I wanted to see something that fell into that category and it fit the bill. I'd never buy the film, heck no, and it's weird to say that the new vapid girl-of-the-movie is a better actor than Meghan whatsername.

Captain America - never read the comics, but the movie was good. Nothing earthshattering, nothing deep, but it was fun.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes - okay, I saw this one mainly because I wanted to see David Hewlett in it (hear that, David, I spent $8.50 to see  YOU!) And oh hey, Ty Olssen (1st Deputy Andy on Eureka) and Mike Dupod (bounty hunter on SG1) were in it. It was fun to see them, but alas none of their characters fared very well. In fact, not well at all. Ouch. The special effects with the chimps, etc. was very well done. The plot holes/ logic flaws were big enough to drive Donald Trump's ego through.

Overall, I enjoyed them all. Saw trailers for Battleship. OMG, they've made a movie out of a *board game*! I snorted, thinking, eh, it's like Transformers (probably is) but wait, it has Liam Neeson. Okay, I may check it out. The Apollo 18 film looks interesting, but.... on DVD. The Debt looks like a meaty film, but it also looks dismal. I'm undecided on watching that, despite Sam Worthington being in it. I'd be tempted to watch Brad Pitt's Moneyball because the trailer looked good, even though I couldn't give a rat's patootie about baseball. Oh yeah, there was Shark Attack 3D or something/whatever, in which stupid young people go to a remote island for the weekend (and I'm sure they have NO cellphone reception) and are promptly harrassed and devoured by an evil shark in the lake, lagoon, whatever. It's just a higher production quality SyFy flick in 3D.

I did see Unstoppable on HBO (although I will probably ditch the movie channels - too pricey now). Great flick! Makes me wonder when on earth they'll get around to make Star Trek 2. I hear they want to; just have to get the cast together. Anyway, Unstoppable was great and I really liked the one supporting character, Ned, the guy with the long blond hair, sunglasses, who helped save the day at the end. I'm surprised this film didn't get more press as it was very entertaining.

Meanwhile, my pumpkin is no more (waaah!) but the gourd vine has two gourds on it! Of course, this probably means I've cursed it. The tomato plants may be done. The bean plants are GONE. Something ate them before they could even sprout a single pod. Bummer. The zinnias, however, are growing. I have two HUGE zucchinis to eat. I can always count on squash to grow.

As for TV, let's see, Flashpoint ended its run. CBS is still undecided on more episodes while CTV will debut new season in September. I'll get copies *somehow*. Um, um, Eureka will be toast soon (sigh). Haven is okay, but better than Warehouse 13, because, alas, I'm getting tired of young geeky know-it-all females with colored hair (perhaps I've watched too much TV). I would love to see Gibbs from NCIS come in and slap DiNozzo, I mean Pete, across the head ;) Alphas hasn't warmed to me yet. Darn.

But....! A friend introduced me to the Joe Pickett novels by writer C.J. Box. I started with listening to some audiobooks, so of course I'm reading it all out of order, but it's okay. I'm now starting with the first novel (library has them all, thank you thank you!). If they ever made a movie out of one of these novels, Joe Flanigan would be *perfect* as Joe Pickett. I could see him as the game warden, with conflicts, with marital problems, kids, a friend whom the Feds want for several crimes, and of course, in blue jeans :)
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