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My last post to Livejournal... [read below]

...tonight, that is, because it's not a matter of if we'll lose power when Hurricane Irene plows through, but when. We always lose power. It never fails.  Heck, we got a light spring rain and some twig fell on a power line and poof, or everybody wakes up and  turns on their big screen tvs and blows the power doohicke on the phone pole. Although it's weakened to a category 1 storm, that's still up to 90 mph gusts. OMG, there goes the driveway. It's gravel. It's gonna turn into Grand Canyon. Drat.

The real beginning of the storm should arrive in about 5 hours, when heavy rains, then REALLY heavy rains around 1 a.m., then heavy rains and wind go throughout the night. But, having been through this hurricane stuff before, we knew what to do.

1) mow the lawn. Yes, god, mow the lawn. Otherwise by the time you get back power it will be a foot high and evil squirrels will be living in it.

2) get water and batteries. I got all that last weekend. I know how people panic. And the panic really hit Thursday where not a single D cell batttery was to be seen. I don't really need those, as I have C cells for the radio, and AA for the tiny flashlights. I also picked up (over the course of the summer) several large solar things-you-stick-in-the-ground-next-to-patio lights, and have them charged up. They last about 8 hours of semi decent light, or enough to highlight the halls, and then recharge during the day. As to water, I filled everything I could with water (we have a bunch of bottled water as well) because if power goes, we have a well, we can't get water. I left the wheelbarrow outside to collect water, plus some big metal pails, which will be so heavy the winds won't knock 'em over. Filling up the tubs in a few hours so we have water for toilets (yes, the joy of not having city water).

3) charged up the laptop, just in case, although if power goes, no internet connection. ARGH! charged up rechargeable AAs for walkman. charged up cellphone. Walkman also has radio in it so if power goes, I can listen to that.

4) got an audiobook from library (C.J. Box) and have several C.J. Box novels to read, plus lots of paperbacks.

5) cleaned house. nothing worse than dirt in house and no way to vacuum.

6) got my new car in the garage! Yes, it takes a hurricane for certain people in the family to move all their crap out and get my car in! Now as long as a tree doesn't fall on the garage...

And here are some of my emergency rations: book to read, Cheetoes (crunchy kind, the ONLY type to eat), Y2K (as in Year 2000 we're all going to die and the power will go out forever candles, and of course, nothing happened, so now I have lots of 120 hour candles for power outages), matches, and fresh baked brownies, which I burned a bit and my brother said oh  yeah, I could smell them burning and I said why didn't you say something and he said I like burned brownies. argh.... And birch beer, which looks better than a bottle of sherry. I mean, if the power stays out for a week, then I WILL be drinking the sherry I got for cooking chicken. I've been eating frozen food all week so all that's really left is chicken and some veggies, all barbecuable if necessary and oh yes, half a dozen Ikea sticky buns. Those are definitely emergency rations. Yum!

And that's about it. Hoping that it's not a horrid hurricane, but the local power company sent a notice out, which the towns distributed on their emergency lists, of the potential of power outages for a week, if not longer. The problem is this is the worst time for a hurricane to come. It's not that there's a good time, but if comes later in the fall, the trees are denuded. Right now, they're full of leaves. Not good.

And oh yes, I have two bitty frogs in the window well, I think they dug in, so I gave them a piece of wood in case water gets in. Don't want the little guys to drown. Meanwhile, we have covered several window wells with metal panels, but do expect some water  in the basement, but not a lot. The wet vac is waiting, and I've saved several old phone books to use as 'water dams' just in case.

Wow, just saw footage of Grand Central Station in NYC. Empty! oooh, ooh, great time to wax the floor!

Anybody else in Hurricane Irene's paths?
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