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SGA season 4 episode titles, car viruses, Harry Potter, good shrimp & bad seahorses, and salty sheep

Just posting about interesting and bizarre news, and, yes, Stargate Atlantis stuff. I always post about Stargate stuff. I can't help myself ;)

And now men will use this as an excuse for still not asking for directions….



Computer Virus Found in Car Navigation Systems - The long-running joke about cars breaking down and getting infected by viruses if they ran on Microsoft software appears to have grown closer to reality, as navigation device maker Tom Tom has admitted the inclusion of two Windows malware variants in one of its products. On Jan. 29, TomTom, which is based in Amsterdam, conceded that an isolated number of its Go 910 navigation systems may have been infected with Windows malware.




Hmm, should I just crack and pre-order the book? I came home from work and found a couple ‘pre-order now!’ emails from Borders and Barnes & Nobles…



The last installment of the Harry Potter saga will be published on 21 July, author JK Rowling has announced. She confirmed the date fans will be able to get their hands on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on her website. Rowling has said two characters die in the final book and fans are wondering whether Harry is one of them.




Meanwhile, folks are in hysterics (or panting in delight) at Daniel Radcliffe doing Equus in theater, cuz it involves one nude scene (cripes, this play has been done before with Peter Firth, so what’s the big deal?). I took a look at the piccies at




and just thought, hmm, the lad needs to get out in the sun some more… But… don’t people realize he’s an actor, not Harry Potter??




In another part of London…. David Hewlett and Jane have arrived in London for the WolfEvents con but they’re “sick as dogs.” Poor guys L Check his blog at www.dgeek.com for details, on ADB and well, being sick in London.




Okay, I found the whole long article just incredibly fascinating. Maybe not be to everybody’s tastes…




Shrimp Bandages Save Soldiers - After a long search for a better way to stop extreme bleeding, the U.S. Army has purchased more than 400,000 bandages made from chitosan, a polysaccharide extracted from the exoskeletons of Icelandic shrimp…. Chitosan is a mucoadhesive, which means it gets very sticky when wet with blood. It's a derivative of chitin, the hard carbohydrate found in insect and shellfish exoskeletons, and has been used by tissue engineers as a scafford for growing new body parts. It has also been used to deliver drugs.



Stargate Atlantis tidbits: Oh, yeah, Joe Mallozzi posted this on his blog, which means… I’ll take it all with a grain of salt as for years I watched him make comments to the S/J shippers… and they’re still waiting for that resolution.

http://josephmallozzi.blogspot.com/2007/02/february-1-2007.html - ’On the Stargate front, I’m almost finished my rewrite of Reunion and am, admittedly, a little worried. While the script offers plenty of action, it is primarily a character-driven story. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of notes we receive from the network. The other scripts are coming along nicely. Martin kicks off season 4 with Adrift, continuing the events of the visually stunning season-ender First Strike. Carl’s Lifeline, the big op eppy, is next. Reunion will follow third and then - well, we’re still working that out. On the production schedule, Rob is first up with Doppelganger, a.k.a. N.O.A.S., assuming both writing and directing duties on this one. Alan’s The Seer script is being revised as we speak. And sometime soon, Monday I hear, Paul will have Travelers ready, a gift for all those of the Shep-whumping persuasion.’




And the warning “for external use only” isn’t enough??

Various news sites report Doctors warn of poisoning from hand gels - A prison inmate and a hospitalized alcoholic both were treated for poisoning from the gels, which contain alcohol -- but not the same kind as found in beverages. In the second case, a 43-year-old man with alcoholism was treated for mysterious chest pains and other symptoms. "Before those results were obtained, the patient was seen in the bathroom drinking the alcohol-based hand wash from its dispenser," Dr. Ashkan Emadi and Dr. LeAnn Coberly of the University of Cincinnati wrote. "When asked why he ingested the hand cleaner, he pointed to the label, which read, 'Active ingredient 63 percent v/v isopropyl alcohol.' He explained that this percentage is higher than that in vodka," they added. It only takes a small amount of isopropanol to kill, by depressing the heart and central nervous system, they wrote.




Oh, I loved this one….


Reuters reports Raider elephants hit Thailand highway - BANGKOK, Feb 1. Elephants have recently taken to blocking a highway frequently used by produce trucks in Thailand but which also runs through the Ang Lue Nai wildlife reserve. Drivers say the wild beasts have raided trucks on the road… "It was one night when six vehicles were attacked, my lorry was in the third incident that night," said Manoon Srisalao, a tapioca lorry driver. Some drivers said the elephants head-butted their vehicles when they could not get to the produce they were carrying.

"Sometimes the whole elephant herd, six or seven of them, stand in middle of the road... some of them try to pull sugar canes from the lorry, when they can not, they just break the wind shield," said driver Puern Meksan. Officials at the natural reserve said they were surprised by the accidents, since the elephants are not normally aggressive. But they have imposed a dusk-to-dawn curfew on the road.




Those hussies!!!



SEAHORSES, long thought of as monogamous, are in fact shameless sex-obsessed bisexuals - and none more so than those in Australian waters. - A study has found that, unlike human rules of attraction, seahorses with the biggest bellies attract most partners, and of 3168 recorded sexual couplings, 37per cent were same-sex liaisons. Scientists at 15 Sea Life Centre aquariums around Britain studied 90 seahorses of three species from Australia, the Caribbean and the English Channel.




And lastly, an amusing bit…. Yummy, sugary road salt!



New road grit popular - with sheep

A new way of gritting roads in winter is proving too popular for its own good - with sheep.

They find a new sugary-coated winter salt too tasty - and keep licking it off the road, reports the Daily Post.

Flintshire in North Wales has started gritting its roads with the "environmentally friendly agricultural by-product".

Molasses are added to the salt to help it stick to icy roads instead of bouncing off.

But in areas where sheep roam freely, the passing of a council gritter is now the call for a free tasty treat.

Elfed Evans, of Lixwm, said: "As soon as the gritter has passed they converge in their hundreds onto the roads to lick the free meal provided by the council.

"It is believed that the adjunct used to coat the rock salt contains molasses. The sheep quickly become intoxicated and addicted to the new sweet tasting salt."

Mr Evans is chairman of the Halkyn Joint Consultative Board which is now asking Flintshire to resume using ordinary rock salt.

A Flintshire county council spokeswoman said: "We note the concerns in relation to the sheep but it is known that they can also be attracted to the basic rock salt.

"The environmental advantages of using this product is it is less corrosive to vehicles and the road infrastructure generally and it does spread more accurately."

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