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At last, my post-Hurricane Irene post with pictures

Ah, survived another hurricane!  Like I said in a previous post, it’s not if you lose power, but when, so…. We prepared.

- Filled the bathtubs with water, along with every pot and the four camping containers for water (two 7.5 and two 5 gallo- n containers).-
- Left out wheelbarrow in garden (no way could it fly away) along with two metal tubs.
- Broke out the Y2K candles. It’s gonna be the next century before we finish ‘em off!
- Got two lanterns at wallyworld (aka Walmart): small yellow LED one, and a larger LED one that takes 4 D cells and can run over 100 hours.
- Already had matches so no problem there
- Munchies. Detailed in other post. ;)

And late Saturday/early Sunday, poof went the power. We got it back on Friday night, just in time to watch “Haven” on SyFy. In the meantime, we used buckets to scoop water to flush toilets. We have a well so when power goes…. And the generator we have isn’t strong enough to run the pump, at least not with the way my mother uses water. If it wasn’t for my mother, we would have just lived in the dark with no power, and let the stuff in the fridge croak. It would have been cheaper than constantly feeding the generator gasoline.

Work of course had electricity, which meant for at least part of the day, I had some web access (no email however) and … flush toilets! Meanwhile, the local Y offered free hot showers, and the library offered free wifi, which I discovered worked better in the parking lot than inside the building, so I’d sit in my car with the laptop.

With no TV, I didn’t even bother with DVDs, which I could have watched on the laptop. Instead, I’m working my way through the Joe Pickett series of books by C.J. Box. I still think they’d make a great series, and Joe Flanigan would be great as Joe Pickett. I also listend to some audiobooks and could do that outside and listen to crickets and tree frogs and the night sky was gorgeous without all the light pollution which of course is now back.

At one point, you could actually see the Milky Way. Now if only my brother had woken me up I would have come down and seen that. Oh well.

Meanwhile, some stats from my state: 943 broken utility poles, 508 damaged transformers, 3,433 sections of downed wires, 2,199 road closings at the start of the restoration efforts. Utility workers and tree workers came in from various states (and even British Columbia!) When I drove around I saw trucks from Virginia and Iowa, etc. I know that our utility folk have gone down south during ice storms in that region.

There was only one casualty at the house. I went out at night, to look at the night sky and had the flashlight aimed out when I should have aimed it down. I slid on something. OMG no, not a toad! Phew, no, but ack, George, Fred! I’d stepped on and squashed one of my leopard slugs that prowl the yard. Yuck! Didn’t take long for ordinary slugs to move in to devour the remains. RIP Fred, George, or one of their cousins…

And now some pictures. A friend and I drove to a beach area to look at it before, and after, Irene hit. A couple houses were just gone, others badly damaged. Lots of trees down but honestly, Wisconsin had worse damage last week with some storms as they have bigger trees.

fence at the beach

houses at the beach – most survived

birds (pelicans?) hanging around old pier posts, unaware of impending storm

Sunflower patch near the beach area

Sunflowers in front of huge pumpkin patch

This person boarded up every window. Smart move

AFTER Hurricane Irene. Common signs after Hurricane Irene blew through. Towns offering free drinking water.

Damage at the beach


A now famous house destroyed by the storm; it actually provided a buffer and the house opposite it survived unscathed.

Another angle.


And the birds survived.

This house was moved off its foundation. It’s toast.

Concrete just ruined.

Beach erosion


Hard to read, but the house is now unsafe for human entry. Front was probably toast.

Wet carpet dumped outside. There was lots of that along the road.

Damaged weathervane.

Damaged roof.

HUGE pile of sand from beach that ended up bulldozed into driveway to clear road.

Lots of stuff ruined by water, which came up waist high in some areas.

Remember the sunflowers? Bummer…

Entire pumpkin patch gone (probably removed by owner) but this HUGE pumpkin remains

Evacuation meter. Yeah if the water gets too high, you shouldn’t be reading the sign!

Several other windows also had towels stuffed in them. Windows probably broke in storm.

A sense of humor!

Concrete is no match for water.

Another view

Tons of seashells in one area of beach

Ornamental grass from someone’s yard, now on beach

Seagull poses for camera

This was part of someone’s house; it’s now just floating in the surf

Closer shot

Just another beach shot

Sunset on the beach

Sunset again

Casualties of the storm. Two horseshoe crabs.

More evidence of damage of water coming up beach to ruin roadway

Bottled water. Enough, ya think?

Tree toppled into pond

What happens when a phone pole snaps at base. Ouch. Red is paint power company put on it to mark it.


Video of piece of someone’s house floating at the beach. I just like watching the water come through the slats. I could have sat there for a while watching it, but my friend was like tapping her watch to leave. Darn.

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