wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

The new TV season (with some spoilers)

The only real spoilers will be for FRINGE....

Anyway, the new TV season isn't all that impressive. Let's see..

Okay, I'm still watchin CSI: NY, and thought they did a credible and respectful job with their 9/11 plot, but I was hoping for a little bit more with Mac and his wife (played by Jaime Ray Newman, aka Cadman from Stargate Atlantis).

I like A Gifted Man, which is a schmaltzy medical supernatural type show, mostly because it stars Patrick Wilson, who I've liked ever since seeing him in that movie Watchmen.

Um, I gave Hawaii Five-O another chance, and the episode in which they cleared him was pretty, well, um, er, what's the word? Um... too easy. Oh yes, the camera has been there for years. Just where was it storing all those pictures for such a long time? Terrabyte drive? Anyway, I tried it again this week but now they're adding some cookie cutter beauty type to the team so I turned off the tv.

I'm out of touch with NCIS but it's still fun to watch and I'll catch up on syndication.

Just because of curiosity I watched Two and a Half Men and figured, all they did was replace one actor with another. Character is basically the same. So, one ep was enough for me.

I've discovered I now have BBC America so have been catching up on Doctor Who, and luckily they're doing a ten hour marathon this weekend so I can catch up on all the Matt Smith ones. Have no idea of the season. I'll figure it out.

Fringe. I try it every year but it doesn't click, but heck, Joe Flanigan was on it so I watched! Loved him in boxer briefs (ah, why can't I see that when I open the front door) but blast, he was toast so damned quick it was ridiculous. I tried the rest but went meh, sort of an X-Files / Man Men mishmash and oh, those hideous lgasses the young guy is wearing.

And that's all I can recall. I'm not watching a ton of TV, and in fact am busy reading through the Joe  Pickett series by C.J. Box, about a game warden in Wyoming. I can picture Joe Flanigan in that role so easily.... but they are fun books to read. and I've been busy bookmarking STargate Atlantis stories to read later. So many stories, not enough time!

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