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Another holiday, another storm and no power. Gah!

Yup, for Labor Day, we had Hurricane Irene, and for Halloween, we got Storm Alfred (yup, that's the name!) On Saturday, October 29th the snow came in... pretty fast, and VERY wet and heavy. Add 5-7" of that rather quickly and I stood outside just listening to the trees snapping off branches and alas, one very very big tree snapping off at the roots and falling across the road and taking out the power lines. And several phone poles are now cracked at the base so will need to be replaced. Sigh. They say we'll have power back by Saturday, they hope. ARGH! If not for the generator, we'd be sitting in cold and dark. Luckily, AMAZINGLY, actually, Cablevision came back tonight. I was shocked. As long as I get to see all of Flashpoint tonight on ION TV....

A favorite shot. Fungus on a tree in the snow.

fungus in the snow

cracked phone pole
Base of one phone pole.

Thi is a two lane road, and that's the tree across it. Which landed in a driveway. Mailbox is in there somewhere, and at left, you can see the power lines sagging underneath. Sigh.

lamp post in snow
I love colorful leaves against black lampposts and snow.

leaf on ice
A fall leaf against ice on the pavement

a murder of crows
A murder of crows ;) sitting in snow with clumps of snow.

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