wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

Day 7 and...

Houston, we have power! Yes, at nearly one week to the hour, our power has been restored., It's not perfect (in other words, we now have the new phone poles and the old ones next to them; they will get to them later this year).

I woke up early, figured I"d get down to the laudromat at eight a.m. as I just couldn't deal with the mountain of wash anymore. As I was about to leave, I hear the beep-beep-beep of a truck backing up. I look out window and through the trees I see a big truck. It was the crew there to put in the last pole. So I watched the whole process, chatted with the lead guy (he was from North Carolina) and he said the utilities people should be out in a couple hours to hook up the wires. And yup, this time a crew from West Virginia was there. I pointed out the new phone - which alas no one had really informed them about - so instead of 2-3 hours for power, it would be 4-5. No bother.  If we were getting it back today I would not complain. The crew guys were very nice!

So once I got power I did the dishes, vacuumed, did two loads of wash, and then got about to decorating for Halloween, well, finishing what I started. Our Halloween was postponed. Alas, half our neighborhood wasn't there, so it was sorta dark, and it was COLD outside. I got maybe 20 kids max. The last kids loved the decorations I put up. I actually carved a pumpkin (and left all the gunk inside, as now it's on the patio as a sacrifice to the great chipmunk god) ;)

Meanwhile, I tripped over a log and killed my camera (insert long pause for pitiful whine). Luckilly I figured out how to get the photos off the 4gig card. You have to put it in the computer and then start the computer. Didn't want to lose the vids I made as I recorded some of the crew digging the hole and setting in the pole.

It sucked not to have regular power. We did have power part of the time via the generator, but it's NOISY and since we have a well, we can't run water. Not having running water sucked. However, the local YMCA offered free hot showers. I LOVE hot showers. And the town gave free drinking water and if you brought containers as much water as you need for washing/flushing, and later, MREs. We did not have to open them so now have some. I'll have to try them out, but not immediately as heck, they're very high in calories (they're meant for soldiers, not office workers) ;)

So now that Storm Alfred is done, I'm wondering what disaster will hit on Thanksgiving, since Hurricane Irene hit Labor Day. Hmm, hurricane? earthquake? plague of locusts? As long as I have internet....
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