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If only I'd had a camera in hand, but I had clothespins and wet clothes. I was just outside hanging some wash when I spied movement in the overgrown backyard. Deer. Two does and two gorgeous, very energetic little fawns. One of the does is my three-legged deer, who is obviously still doing well. The little fawns were running all over the place, then they vanished into the bushes, so I figured, that's it, then one came back, shooting across the upper portion the lawn, then the adults came aorund with the other fawn, then... one fawn just shot down the lawn and stopped within three feet of me. I just stood there, water dripping from a shirt in hand, and watched. One doe ran up but stopped twenty feet away, having seen me, then did a U-turn and went back up into the bushes. A moment later the fawn ran past me to join the adults. Oh, if only I'd had a camera or better yet, a camcorder in hand.

UPDATE: Wed. And the three-legged deer was in back yard this morning when I went out to feed the birds. We stared at each other and she hopped off. And she's eating the wild patch of vines, etc. Yes, eat, eat! Less hacking for me.
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