wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

OMG, Killer Bug!

I was coming back from shopping. I bought a little pot of miniature sunflowers (which will spend a lot of time in the kitchen so the squirrels/chipmunks/etc./etc./etc. don't devour it) and was coming up the driveway when suddenly - eek!  the creature bounded onto the dashboard and began beating its arms against the windshield, trying to get out. So I stopped the car and got my camera out.

Cute little fellow!

Then he went to side window. "Let me out!" I could imagine him/her screaming.

Once outside, it was happy. Very happy. It didn't seem to mind me at all. Was fascinated by the camera - kept crawling all over it. I released it on a tree full of leaves where it rapidly just vanished amongst the greenery.

Oh, and here's one sunflower bloom.

And then, I was in the garden weeding (never-ending job) when suddenly, a flurry of sounds like something beating against a bush. Then a young hawk flew off. Think it got a chipmunk, of which we have.... too many. Didn't see any bird feathers (usually a few or more left in an attack) so.... bye bye chippie...

Oh, and saw a doe and a young buck in yard yesterday morning. Beautiful...

In fact, here's a picture of a deer (they all sorta look alike to me, except my 3-legged deer, who I saw last week).

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