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Book sales!

I've been to three library book sales in as many weeks. Curse these libraries, holding them so close together!  And foolishly, I got there early (like an hour early) to secure a spot in the front, sorta. See the dealers show up the day (or days) before and mark their spot. There's one dealer who hires teenagers to grab stuff for him. Blech. A lot of dealers are perfectly fine, but there are a few who give them a bad name: the 'scoopers' - who come and literally wipe a whole section of a table into a box to sort out later, the ones that step on your feet, and of course, those with the accursed scanners. Most have 'em but most are polite enough NOT to grab and scan, then toss the book into a mess atop other books.Grrr.

Anyway, I'm trying to complete a collection of C.J. Box books about a game warden in Wyoming. However, I only go for paperbacks as hardbacks take up too much space. Have almost all the Robin Cook novels that I'm seeking, and only need one or two more of the Barbara Kingsolver books. I read TheBean Tree and its predecessor, and they're enjoyable reads.Otherwise, I'm searching for fiction books on plagues, end of the world (found 2012) and sci-fi books that are 1) not part of a multi-length series, 2) based on a videogame!), or 3) Star Trek or Star Wars. Lots of the latter categories end up in book sales. I did find a cool Reader's Digest book on road trips. I may never do those trips, but I can read about 'em. Also got the Complete Survival Manual by National Geographic, so, now when I'm stranded in the Arctic, I'll know what to do ;) Audiobooks are next to impossible to find, at least the ones I'm looking for, basically ones narrated by Joe Barrett, who has a fantastic voice. I noticed at the sales that the dealers were like locusts over the Manga section. The animal sections has tons of Marley and Me and Dewey the Library Cat books. Twlight has now replaced Harry Potter in the kid's section.

My survival at book sales is to bring just one grocery bag. I'll load it up, but nothing past that. I still have about four bags to read and they're making this tower in my room....
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