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Ah, sigh, Adderly is gone

Read my mail today to find out that Winston Rekert, who played ADDDERLY back in the 80s, passed away from cancer yesterday. I hadn't known he was ill. I adored Adderly, stayed up till 1:10 a.m. when it aired on CBS, until it was unceremoniousy booted for the lousy Pat Sajak show. The show never had a big fandom, but we were there, and there some zines, and I taped them all and still have them on VHS tape.

Ah, sigh :(

More details at:

Apparently he was working as of last month, up in Vancouver, as he did a guest show on the new Primeval series (detials at http://yvrshoots.com/2012/06/primevals-andrew-lee-potts-guest-stars-on-the-upcoming-primevalnewworld-series-premiere.html)

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