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Cat: Part 4 + New TV Season

I awoke to the sound of streaming cat, aka, he peed on the bed, well, his part of the bed, which is protected by the bed pads. I didn't yell at him, since, well, he'd had subQ the evening before but did go "nnonononononononono" and grabbed kleenex and stuck it on the blanket so it wouldn't soak all the way through. Needless to say, I started the day with washing the blanket. What annoys me is I have a kitty litter box in the room, which he refuses to use, so I just put it down next to the other one, and now he uses it. *headdesk*.  I also boiled him up an organic chicken to make chicken broth. Alas, the fat from dark meat seemed to have infused in the dark meat and he had some runs. Ack. So, it's back to frozen white chicken and we'll eat the rest. No loss.

Amazing how he'll let us stick him with needle but pills, forget it. Shall try again tomorrow.

The Emmys used to be better, I swear. I haven't watched one all the way through in ages. Just tape it and speed search for any good stuff, if any. Otherwise, went to a dog show, even though I don't have a dog, but did meet some Shelties, so that was fun, and got so many free food samples I'll donate them to the food bank (dogs have to eat too). Got some cat food and will check to see if it something the evil little creature can eat.

Otherwise, waxed floors, did wash, mowed the lawn again as since the back go to a foot high *hangs head in shame* it didn't cut properly. Also saw mom deer and two teen does. No sign of Three, my 3-legged deer. Hope she's still around.

TV-wise, with new season starting. Tried out Revolutions. Think it would be better without the teenagers. I'll try another episode. Shame they killed off my favorite character in the first episode! Of course, season openers of NCIS and Person of Interest are my priorities. I watched Haven but fell asleep then woke up to repeat but felll asleep again. Long week. I'lll catch up later.
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