wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

Cat: Part 5 - My cat the sheep

Well, last week the little fella got sick; started with some inappropriate peeing on the bed (all that stuff in part #4). Well, he ended up at the vet again, but at least I got him back at the end of the day. He was dehydrated. SubQs are now every two days, and probably, forever. However, his kidney levels were better, but he had a urinary tract infection (now pretty much fixed with liquid antibiotics). However, he had one retina half-detached (it can happen with high BP with renal failure). But he's never exhibited high BP. He went back today for a checkup (he's seen the vet more this year than I've seen doctors). His retina has partially reattached, and there is the chance it could rectify itself. Otherwise, he's doing fine.

As for the sheep comment, when he came back from the vet, he'd been subQed twice, so was ... puffy. He reminded me of sheep from animated/stop motion cartoons, as seen below:

He was sorta like a plush toy for a while. When we give him subQs, he gets a puffy hump between the shoulders (you injected in the area where mom cats grab the kittens).

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