wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

Waiting for Frankenstorm...

Sitting here waiting for Frankenstorm to arrive and hope he/she/it doesn't do too much damage. I do expect prolonged power outage just like last year at this time. Beginning to think Halloween is cursed... Not so much worried about rain or flooding, but the winds, and the trees, and hoping nothing falls into the house or squashes my car.

Got water, matches, candles, batteries, flashlights, Triscuit, cat food for the poor cat, who seems to do not much else but sleep these days :( Got enough lactated ringers to hopefully weather the storm. At least that doesn't require heating but... he's liking it less and less each time, so I fear at some point we'll just have to stop and that will be the beginning of the end for him. Hopefully power gets back on, or we get the generator up enough that I can warm up his little bed thing so he can stay warm.

Meanwhile, due to copious amounts of spammy comments clogging my email box, I caved and now only registered LJ users can make comments. Hated doing that, but I see one more Ugg spam arrive, I'll scream.

So if the storm (Hurricane Sally, or Superstorm Sally, whatever) hits, I'll be offline for a while. I hope to get back online eventually via Twitter (aka Wraithfodder there as well) just to let people know I didn't get blown away with the flying monkeys ;)

Tags: weather
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