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Only a few days late, because Halloween (again) got delayed due to a storm, this time Hurricane Sandy, then followed a week later by a nor'easter which dumped 4-5" of heavy snow, which fortunately didn't do much more damage to the yard than the hurricane did (see next post for that).

Anyway, it was cold outside, snow, wreckage from hurricane, but I did a quick setup of last year's cobwebs (save those - they look even better a year later with last year's leaves and dead bugs stuck in 'em!) ;) , the pumpkins (both of which were savaged, gutted and hollowed out a day before by a hungry raccoon), and the skeleton, which was dressed up as a utilities worker this year. Had about 20 folk show up, which considering the cold, the delay, etc., was okay. Am foisting rest of candy off on co-workers. This year I was smart. I bought candy that I did not like, because last year I ate most of the leftovers (not good).

Anyway, here's one of the decorations:

Halloween pumpkin 2012
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