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I haven't been to LJ in a while to post, so of course LJ is totally different in how you post. Hopefully better.

Almost done with another nasty case of poison ivy. Weeded part of the front yard - wore gloves, long shirts (two!), jeans, boots and of course, got it all over lower arms and hand, and part of face. Yech. Still have bits of it but at least I can sleep. And while cleaning out around a stone wall, found a gun! The barrel was sticking out of the wall and it's a Luger, decades old as it was one of our toys as a kid. Solid metal fake guns back in ye olden days. Totally harmless unless you drop it on a toe... ;)

Meanwhile, trying to killl weeds, etc. before Spring really gets into gear and everything starts turning green. Lots of damage from hurricanes Irene and Sandy - mostly huge trees that came down in field that will need to be dealt with eventually and of course, will have to pay (through the nose) to have someone take the tree off the front yard. Can't leave it there forever and mutant termites from outer space did not stop by to eat it. Darn.

And, I'm looking for an MP3 player for when I go to MediaWest. I want to play music and audiobooks. Any suggestions? My library has Overdrive for audiobooks. Gotta admit, I am looking for inexpensive as eventually I'd like to get a tablet so don't want to put everything into a player. SanDisk is one player I've seen mentioned.

Fannishly...winding up Being Human on SyFy. I like the show but am not into the fandom. I guess Person of Interest and Elementary are the shows I really like to watch. I remember to watch Touch but fell out with Following as it was against Being Human, and I'm sorta buned out on serial killer shows. I'll probably take a look at Defiance. SyFy's Saturday movies seem to get worse and worse and 9 times out of 10, I fall alseep before the movie is ended! ;) I'll watch them for Stargate Atlantis actors but that's about it. Ah, sigh, wish Stargate Atlantis was still on and running.  I ordered the last of the paperbacks so can now (when it arrives) read the last three all in a row.
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