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Turkeys, trees and coyotes

Under the "wow, finally got something done" category, we got some of the damaged pine tree from Hurricane Sandy chopped up (see post at http://wraithfodder.livejournal.com/493940.html for the 'before' photos). Here is what part of yard looks like now!

The stack of logs in the middle is the remains of the pine tree trunk that was splayed out in the yard all winter long. At right is the smaller stack of the remains of the poor dogwood tree. It took me about 10-15 minutes, but I was able to dig out a branch (about 6 feet long), half of which was driven straight into the ground. I found several branches like that, most small but the big one took more time to remove. The tree, alas, remains, as done the big scattered pile of BIG pieces of chopped pine (seen more to the left, between the brown stack of dead pine needle branches and the stacked pile of logs).

But then again, the big logs now serve a purpose. Continue reading!

Turkeys!! Yup, two hens and six little ones, climbing all over the messy stack of fallen tree pieces. (any excuse not to have to clean it up). And if this works, here is a video of them as well. They showed up a few days ago under the bird feeder and seem to like the yard, despite the presence of a few cats whom I have yet to determine if they are feral or not. They seem well fed. The squirrels tend to give the turkeys wide berth as the turkeys are MUCH bigger (well, the two moms are).

The litlte ones are quite quick!

I was so glad to see them as two weeks ago, a fawn was born in our yard. An adorable little thing.  Two days after I saw it, I found HALF of the poor thing on the road in front of our driveway. Frigging coyotes! I can't think of anything else that would have done that. I buried the remains in the old garden under a huge heavy rock as I felt, well, if they didn't eat it all, they're not getting the rest. I haven't seen the mother deer since, but I hope they didn't get her too.

So seeing new little critters in the yard is good. I know it's a cruel circle of life out there. I just wish the coyotes wouldn't leave the bits and pieces for me to trip over...
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