wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

The state of TV

Alas, it's not great. Gone are the golden days of Stargate, although every once in a while SyFy will show a marathon, but always when I'm at work or it's against something worth watching.

I can't say I'm watching anything 'fannish' these days. I'm still attached to Stargate Atlantis although am woefully behind on fanfic due to realty (house and job stuff and well, warmer weather and being outside fighting a losing battle against weeds and vines). So, let's see, I like Bob's Burgers on Fox on Sunday  nights. Totally bizarre dysfunctional family in a cartoon. I started watching Crossing Lines on NBC as William Fichtner starts in it so of course, it's pre-empted for sports now, which means I'll listen to Hearts of Space on NPR instead. I started watching The Killing on AMC, but fell an episode behind, so am now recording them and will just do a marathon instead. I fell soooo woefully behind on The Walking Dead that at this rate I'll just wait till the library (hopefully) gets the show on DVD.

Mondays I watch The Glades on A&E. It's a popcorn show as the lead is fun to watch and the plots are simple. I'd have to say Longmire, which follows on A&E, is a favorite. Definitely not fannish but I like all the characters, and it doesn't hurt that it has Lou Diamond Phillips in it. I try to catch NCIS on Tuesdays, but since the show seems to always be on somewhere (along with the Law & Order shows), if I miss it, no big deal. Last thing I really paid attention to on Wednesdays was the Dragons of Berk, now on hiatus. Thursdays actually got a little cluttered. Big Bang Theory, Person of Interest, Elementary, but oh wait, CBS moved POI to Tuesdays at 10pm. Gah! I loved the Thursday lineup. So right now it's all repeats, and I accidentally tripped over Benedict Cumberbatch's Sherlock on PBS, so now I can catch up! And the library has the show on DVD, so I'll watch season 2 until season 1 is returned to the library. I see why the show is addictive.

I must admit that if nothng else were on, I'd watch the schlock movie on SyFy. I did watch Sharknado, and it was, yes, bad. I spent most of the movie wondering why Ian Ziering's face was lighter in tone than the rest of his body, which seemed odd for a surfer. And hoping Tara Reid's whiny ex-wife would get devoured. Just when you think movies can't get worse they make stuff like this. Of course if any of the Stargate Altantis actors (or SG-1) appear in these dreckly flicks, I will watch.

Fridays I'm behind on Continuum, which means I'll  have to catch up on the SyFy online, or repeats, or try the cable OnDemand and hope they have it. Every time I turn on Hawaii Five-0 I swear it's the same episode I always see!

And then there's Doctor Who.

I accidentally caught the announcement of the 12th doctor - I had totally forgotten about it. Anyway, when the new actor, Peter Capaldi, came out I went "who?" Yeah, bad pun. It took me a few minutes to realize he'd done the Pompeii episode of Doctor Who. I hadn't seen him in his other more famous works, but I did like what I saw on the BBCA special, which was certainly hyped up a lot. I'm glad they decided to go older (back to the original actor ages) and not devolve down to a CW casting ;)

Anyway, I rarely tape anything on TV except to watch and erase, and stuff like POI, I do tape, but dump the tapes once the DVD set out.

I actually grabbed an old Miami Vice tape and watched it. Still think it stands up, and laughed myself silly when I saw an ad for a brand new car for only $7,995.
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