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SQUEE! David Hewlett scheduled for New York Comic Con

We missed out on NYCC tickets for Saturday, the first time EVER, because we always got them at a local comic book shop and they sold out in ten minutes, while I was stuck at work, so I ordered Friday tickets. Then today the schedule was announced. It was like it was meant to be!


State of Syn with David Hewlett

Date: Friday, October 11
8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Location: 1A08

Speakers: Alan Kistler, David Hewlett, Jed Weintrob

Join all-star cast member David Hewlett along with the show Director and Producer as they discuss STATE OF SYN, the world's first 3D-enabled science fiction motion novel. The newest digital series from Smokebomb Entertainment combines live-action photography with animated hyper-real backgrounds and a companion mobile game for iOS and Android. Explore the creative process of this transmedia experience and share the first two episodes of the show in a New York Comic Con exclusive world premiere.

Tags: david hewlett
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