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And the TV season thus far...

Benedict Cumberbatch's Sherlock won't air on PBS till this coming Sunday so I'm sticking my fingers in my ears. No spoilers. LALALALALALLAA!

There's still nothing that grabs me fannishly like Stargate Atlantis did, although Sherlock comes close. I do watch CBS's Elementary and it's good and entertaining. Big Bang Theory is still the only comedy I watch - love all the sci-fi in-jokes. Why couldn't they have had something like that when I was a kid?

Let' see, what else?

I watch Almost Human - it's the only decent cop-buddy show on the air. It's pretty simple at times, but I do like the characters. Now Sleepy Hollow... yeah, I could listen to Tom Mison read the phonebook. He's great as Ichabod and thus far, they're doing excellent with Ichabod's view of present day America (why do you not drink the water from the lake? uh yeah, sure, parasites, pollution, you name it!) ;) Being Human has returned but it's against Sleepy Hollow, so I watch that show until it goes into repeats and will hopefully catch Being Human (which amazingly follows Almost Human, so surely we must get another show with Human in the title and a "C" word in front) in repeats on cable rewind.

Still watch NCIS, but since it repeats left and right, it's not must-see TV. I watchted the first Intelligence on CBS, tried the first couple minutes of next episode, then bailed. Nah. I definitely stay up to watch Person of Interest, which has major cast changes with the death of one character, with Reese trying to just leave it all behind (which may get some resolution in tonight's Reese-on-a-plane episode). I can't think of anything I really watch on Wednesday nights anymore, unless it's PBS or cable. Oh, I got hooked on the French series, um, American title The Returned, I think, about dead people who suddenly started showing up in a town next to a dam. They're not zombies, per se, they just show up as if nothing happened and have no memories of dying. Everybody is of course creeped out. All subtitled, slow in comparison to US stuff, but loved the music, and it was intriguing.

I watch the pilot for Helix on SyFy and do like it. Don't know if I'll ever think of the song Do you know the way to San Jose? in the same vein ever again. I'll stick with it, I think, because I'm a sucker for lethal virus stuff, although it made me think of a hybrid between the movies Outbreak and World War Z, the latter which I just saw on DVD and when the heroes went to the WHO (World Health Organization) who was one of the doctors at WHO but Doctor Who, the new Doctor Who, Peter Capaldi. Neat. Of course I sit there watching Helix with quibbles such as why does a facility in the Arctic have such big wide corridors and how the hell do they heat it and does everybody have huge air ducts like they had in the Seaview?

Otherwise, we had snow, we had ice, we had the 'polar vortex' and temps went below zero Fahrenheit and the car door froze shut on one car and the garage door froze shut and I had to get out the hair dryers to thaw the frigging wheel things on the rail (yes, those technical terms). Wind chill was below zero while shoveling so I had to leave glasses inside, shovel albeit a bit fuzzily, so I could wear a N95 mask on my face to I didn't freeze off my nose and lips. Yeah, THAT cold. I had to shovel the driveway, and then when I finally get to the end, the road isn't plowed, so had to wait for them to go by as yeah, I went to work.

I've been cleaning closets. Went to a local craft store and bought a plastic container for Xmas wrapping paper, then realized, hey, my movie posters will fit in them too, so ended up with more boxes. Took out the copies cardboard tubes with various posters to see what I had... stuff from the 70s, a skeleton sitting on a bench reading a newspaper while a couple sits next to him. Think I got that in England, as I found UK posters of UK phone booths, British sheep, and several The Professionals posters (ah, sigh, was saddened to read Lewis Collins passed away not that long ago). More TV posters: CHiPs, MacGyver, Jon-Erik Hexum, Miami Vice, etc. A bunch of nebula posters. Whole bunch of Due South posters, including my one autographed by entire cast, ditto with a cast-signed Andromeda posters. A big role of Star Wars posters I haven't unrolled yet to see what's there. A ton of movie posters of all sorts from cons that I intend to get rid of, sell on eBay, whatever. Did fine a pristine Murphy's Law poster. Love it. All these things like like a buck or three when I bought 'em. I suppose if I were young I'd be buried under One Direction posters (but not Justin Bieber, no no no). Just wish I'd been able to get an Emergency! poster but don't know if they ever sold them.

Got a lot of decluttering to do so will go through books, etc.

Busy with audiobooks - going through the Douglas Preston/Lincoln Child Pendergast books - currently listening to Cold Vengeance and have Two Graves on reserve at library and then will go to White Fire. Yeah, I'm several books behind. Gotta get caught up for CJ Box's latest Joe Pickett novel, Stone Cold, which comes out in March and the library has it on order :)  And I'm digging through stack of paperbacks I get at library book sales - found I like the RIck Mofina novels, enjoy most of the Bentley Little horror books, and I have probably another hundred books to go through...

And have to get to work on MediaWest*Con too!
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