wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

The best ad out of the Super Bowl (the only reason I'd watch sports) and snow

I saw this ad before the Super Bowl, but it was neat to see it on TV. It's like a miniature 30 second bad SyFy movie that was actually fun to watch. Doberhuahua. I want a stuffed toy one! I love this ad!

And the snowstorm that started last night but finished this a.m. sucked. The snow was like creme brulee... crunchy on top, soft underneath, due to snow first, then sleet, then cold. However, as the hours wore on, the snow was more like slushy concrete as it packed down from the rain, although the top was still crusty so I had to break it with the shovel. Road wasn't plowed till mid-afternoon so didn't get to work. I'd rather have been at work than shoveling shoveling...

And more snow comes on the weekend. I want to be in Tahiti....
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