wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

Cold, cold, cold

I can't wait for Spring. Not the day that Spring begins, but for when all the snow is gone, when it's warm enough to sit outside in shorts in the nice sun and spend hours reading a book and just relaxing.

The snow that came eons ago (at least it seems that way) is still outside. At least a foot across the entire yard and right now it's still hard enough I can walk across the top without cracking it. It's supposed it hit 46 F this weekend, so if it melts, that would be nice. The big snowpile with snow marker eyes (in the previous post) is STILL there. It shrunk down a few inches but alas, I think it will be there until May at this rate!

Saw that SyFy's Being Human got the axe, but at least they're supposed to wrap it up. Seems Fox Almost Human is on the fence. Not sure about SyFy's Helix, which I am enjoying, Person of Interest is still fun. Miss Sherlock on PBS. What with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman being so busy, I hope the next series comes out before I'm dead ;) Still enjoy Elementary too but wish I had more Benedict Sherlock...

So behind on fanfic but hope to catch up at MediaWest*Con, which is about three months away. Meanwhile, caught up with the Pendergast book series by Douglas Preston/Lincoln Child. Keep thinking William Fichtner would be perfect as that FBI agent who is drawn toward supernatural type cases. Forgot to reserve the book at the library, so now must wait until whoever got the latest CJ Box book, Stone Cold, till I get my paws on it. Was hoping they'd get an audiobook but it's not in the library's catalog. Ah, to win Lotto so I can just buy all this stuff!
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