wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

Surfacing from the suffering of suburbia

Ah, Spring came, and then Summer, and now the weeds have taken over everything. I finally broke down and got a weedwacker (aka oh um, forgot the other name for it). Only real decision was gas vs. battery. I went with battery as well, mixing gas, all that noise. Not for me. I LOVE it! I whacked up a ton of weeds, and of course, being in shorts and tank top (bad idea) got spots of poison ivy or something all over me, but then again, saved days of work.

Then the lawnmower died. It was slogging along okay until I went around side of weedy hurricane-Sandy-debris that has still not been cleaned up and mowed over a truck part. Mower slammed to halt and died. Attempted repair. Thing shuddered so much we figured, time to get new one, so several hundred dollars (gah!) later, I can mow lawn again. I need to win lotto so I can hire someone to mow lawn, preferably Thor from the movies,and I'll let Loki handle the poison ivy patch ;)

I can't believe Stargate Atlantis hit its ten year mark while I'm also scraping up the gravel driveway into a wheelbarrow (got washed away during drenching torrential storms).  I'd love to see an SGA movie, but then again, too many movies done that far out don't work out too well.

Been to a few library booksales and now have completed my collection of C. .J. Box books. Somehow, I can see Joe Flanigan Joe Pickett. Would love to see those books become movies or a TV series, if done faithfully to the books. Started read the Tim Dorsey serial killer comedies (yes, a humorous series of books about a whacky killer in Florida). The audiobook was a scream. Also have read a few of Deon Meyer's books about an alcoholic policeman in South Africa. Very different and I'll see what else the library has.

TV-wise, we're now in the dearth of summer reruns, reality shows, and the horror of new shows starting and me not knowing. I miss the days of shows started in September. Period. But I've actually started and stuck with The Lost Ship (er, think that's the title, on TNT, er, USA, oh darn, with the guy from Grey's Anatomy, a show I never watched). It's pretty decent. And then i segue into the new FX series The Strain, about a virulent plague and nasty vampires (not of those teen angst vampires, of which I am burned out on and I never even watched 'em). So far it's pretty good and it's actually made me watch TV at 10:00pm. Only other shows I'll stay up for are Longmire on A&E and Person of Interest on CBS (the latter is in repeats though). I'm still checking out Under the Dome as I can catch it on cable rewind.

Still without pet, although I go down periodically to the local cat shelter and get my cat fix (including the occasional scratch and lots of cat fur). One day...

Oh yes, conventions. Did MediaWest*Con,which i go to for the fans, not the fandoms, although did have fun talking Benedict Cumberbatch and Sherlock, which was on my door decoration, which I discovered once I got home that I forgot to take photos of it! *headdesk*

Tried to get a three day ticket to New York Comic Con. What a nightmare! The website crashed, I got locked out of 3 day tickets, had the Saturday tickets in my cart and then, POOF! server error. I lost 'em. Had to settle for Friday. Don't know if I'll go through their hellish queue of getting tickets next year. They really need to limit it to two tickets per person, with names attached to each. Scalpers had over 700 tickets on eBay/Stubhub within an hour of the sale opening up. gah!

And that's about it for. Thinking about getting a tablet though, to of course websurf, answer email, but also to read books and listen to audiobooks. Any suggestions??.
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