wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

The new TV season

Wow, the new tv season is upon us and while I enjoy some of the shows, nothing has clicked fannishly like Stargate Atlantis. Drat.

Let's see, thumbs up for The Last Ship, which finished its run last month and will resurface next year. Good stuff. The Strain just ended and I'm enjoying it although sometimes the lead character can be a jerk. Was fun to notice the rat exterminator had been a Gou'ald on Stargate SG-1. I'm back to watching Sleepy Hollow (good stuff)!, Scorpion (which I watched later - not fannishly but predicatable fun). I let NCIS and the New Orleans spinoff air till Person of Interest, which despite all that happened last season, is still a load of fun. Won't spoil the fun on the first episode, but watching Shaw in her new job was hysterical. I catch ABC's Forever the next day on cable rewind - I mean, Ioan Gruffold. I swear he's got a painting in the attic as he doesn't seem to have aged much! Annoyed that CBS has ruined Thursdays till Halloween, when I catch up with Elementary again. Otherwise, nothing much. I've watched Z Nation on and off and while it's not a must-watch show, it is probably the only zombie show with a decent sense of humor. Walking Dead got so grim I gave up on it. My other boss spends time calculating when he can retire (which I think he'll do as soon as he can score Social Security).

Otherwise, job just plods along, with doing more work and not getting paid more, which is why I bought lotto tickets last week in vain hope I can give up the rat race. If only.... and, let's see, finally got the Hurricane Sandy tree debris cleaned up, so the yard looks a LOT better. Now if I could get $10K to clear and chop other trees. Took a few dozen wheelbarrows of pine chips and put around the shed out back. Evicted wasps from several places. Tenacious critters.

Starting to clean house. Really have to get rid of stuff so I don't end up on Hoarders ;) No, not that bad but we're still going through my mother's stuff. She was a packrat. And I think it's hereditary :)

I know I had more to post, but Sleepy Hollow is starting ....
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