wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

Blood moon

It never seems to fail that whenever a neat astrological occurrence happens, it's cloudy. Yup, rain last night (but no t-storms as predicted) and this morning was nicely warm, but, sigh, cloudy. Looking at all the pictures online just isn't the same. So, I can predict rain far into the future, as this always seems to happen.

Hoping for decent weather this weekend as I did score tickets for New York Comic Con. Not looking for anything in particular - just like to wander the venue and buy things I sure don't need but want ;) And it never fails that Person of Interest panels happen on Sunday, the day I could not get a ticket for due to NYCC's horrid online ticket buying system (don't get me started on that). And a Sleepy Hollow panel, too. Double darn!
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