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And I survived New York Comic Con

I'd love to do three days, but figure it might kill me ;) Did both Friday and Saturday at New York Comic Con (#NYCC) and it was a blast. However, getting up at 5:00am each day, to pick up friend, then go to train station and not getting home till 10:00pm was tiring. However, it's now  physically impossible to do the convention in one day. It's just too big! So, the first day I did the dealer's room, plus the "Elementary" panel, where they showed the first episode of the new season, which culminated with Jonny Lee Miller, Lucy Liu, a new cast member and production person (name is blanking!) all talking, then doing a Q&A until the stupid microphone died. Bummer. but the production person finished answering the question by gesturing wildly as he answered the question. It was funny.

The dealers room was just enormous. I took a bunch of photos of things I wanted, and things I wanted to go back and get, which I did: some soap brains, some t-shirts, fridge magnets but overall, not a lot, as my budget was limited. I saw a gorgeous Godzilla model, chained to its podium (darn) which glowed orange. I don't even want to know how much that sucker cost. Godzillas seem to go up in price all the time. I also went to the autographing area, just to look - too pricey for my tastes, and then over to Artists Alley, which had the emptiest bathrooms I saw (some just had lines that never seemed to end).

The costumes ranged from so-so to simply incredible. My favorites were the robot made out of a styrofoam coolers. Very imaginative and whoever was inside took their role to heart and had skillful robot moves. There was a Batman with a wingspan that just spread out forever, a David Tennant doppelganger. I swear, it was him. I do. My friend and i joked that if I followed him around trying to figure out if it was HIM I'd be booted from the con for harrassment ;) But wow, yeah, he looked like the real deal. Meanwhile, George Clooney showed up - on Thursday, when I was theren't. Didn't see the "Walking Dead" folk, but this year the con emptied the IGN theater after each panel, so if you wanted to attend a panel, you went to the cattle pen, er, big hall where everybody queues up to get into the con, get a wristband, then go off and enjoy the con. I'm sure some WD fen opted to sit on the concrete from 10am to 3:30pm to get that front row seat ;)  I remember one costume, some guy with a shield on his arm, and apparently everytime he went to gesture at someone, he'd raised the shield. I nearly got nailed but scooted around and I heard his friend say "You're gonna kill someone doing that!" or words to that effect. I dodged shields, feathered wings and other cosplay bits and pieces all day long.

And here is my collection (600+ pictures) in two albums. Enjoy! https://www.flickr.com/photos/10668630@N06/sets/
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