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Multi-legged critters

Just rambling....

Okay, despite the obvious mutation, it's still a cute duckling. Hopefully they'll keep the little guy alive and not friscasee him or anything. P.S. here's the story - http://www.ananova.com/news/story/sm_2207806.html - they're gonna keep the little fella... :)

Meanwhile, someone in the lab did some tinkering and gave this salamander an extra arm!

Lastly, this poor squirrel went into the window well, which was covered with hardware cloth to keep out the tulip tree seeds (long story) which we forgot to remove before the snow, which is now as hard as cement, so we chiseled out a corner (upper left) so the little guy could get out. While we did that, the squirrel went under the snow at the bottom and chirped away in horror! P.S. the squirrel did escape unharmed and is no doubt stuffing himself/herself on all the birdseed in the feeder :)

Oh yeah, and I made the mistake of watching the 3 hour KING KONG on HBO. Best part of the movie was when it ended. Way, way too long. Needed at least an hour edited out of it.

I want Spring. Sick of cold.
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