wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

Stargate Atlantis stuff

The first official trailer for David Hewlett's Debug movie is now up at YouTube, so I'll embed a copy here. I see some familiar faces from the Stargate universe.

And, Stargate novels is offering a free download (Word of PDF) of one of it's Stargate stories, but just until November 2nd. Rush on over to http://www.stargatenovels.com/SGX-01-Stargate-SG1-Stargate-Atlantis-Far-Horizons.shtml. I found it humorous that " Remember, this will only be available until Sunday 2 November after which it will disappear like Wraith fodder."

Cool, my moniker is almost there...

I miss Stargate Atlantis, heck, just Stargate. Scifi on TV just isn't the same, and Friday nights are more for watching stuff on video on demand than anything live on TV. 
Tags: david hewlett, stargate atlantis
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