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...And 2014 is nearly over

And I'm sure I'll be typing 2014 instead of 2015 for at least a month.... ;)

I honestly can't recall anything horribly exciting or disastrous that occurred during 2014; worst was the Amtrak trip back and forth to MWC*Con. It took over a day both ways and I vowed this year, NOT taking Amtrak. I'm actually holding to that and will fly, for the first time since, er, um, geez, '07? Anyway, I figured I could do just carry-on (those who know me, stop laughing hystericall) but have discovered that carry-on is 22x14x9 in size, and eegads, it's near impossible to find that size, or to find one that doesn't cost $100. For that price, forget it, I'll just pay for checked luggage. It's cheaper!

Fannishly, no new fandoms. Keep hoping but.... gotta get back to reading Stargate Atlantis fanfiction. I'm mostly reading books I take out of the library, or listening to audiobooks.

Also cleaning house. Gotta de-clutter. Found an ancient Star Trek classic poster of Kirk and Spock from when the show first came. Silverfish found it too. They chewed around the edges. Darn....

Othewise, wow, boring, dull, nothing to report. Eegads.... at least Christmas was uneventful, except for trojan that hopped onto my netbook (dealt with it within minutes of it hopping on board) and oh yeah, I watch the entire Doctor Who Christmas special only to have what nitwits at Cablevision plaster a tv ad right in the middle of dialogue in the second to last scene. Did it on the repeat too. I griped on Twitter and some cable lackey came on and asked "is it happening on other channels, too?" so I snarled "How should I know? I was watching Doctor Who!" Gah.... the cable video-on-demand worked on the THIRD try so I sped to the end and watched it. I may now just record the whole thing off the rewind so I can avoid the ads, which I've seen far too many times.
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